The anthropocentric human creates narratives. World-narratives. With their own rules of play. But which of these are in the interest of all species?


WE ARE PART of an ecological and socio-technological field of activity.  A fighting area. This is extremely amorphous. Its diversity is an disturbing factor in our political and cultural reality. Its conflicts are not stable and clear. Each individual is affectet, but yet under quite different, mainly economic parameters. The economic divisions.

In autocracy, culture becomes a tool of domination and oppression. A political reality that extinguishes life. Therefor my ancestors and innumerable others been expelled from their ancestral agriculture. The reasons vary, but the results are always the same. people loose relationship to the very soil.

Nevertheless mankind ever changed its way of life as radically as when hunters and collectors transitioned to the farming culture and vanished. Since then, we have been creating artificial niches for the benefit of our individual designed crops. Niches that reach horizons. The surface of the planet has changed visibly. She is drawn to it. We have come to a point, where industrial agricultural bioproduction, exceeds that natural, evolutionarily grown one. As it bogarts and distributes it. It is expelling peasant wildlife and farmers. With catastrophic consequences. Although many people have developed sustainable agricultural techniques and crops, yet we still use poisons and create mono-cultures. But despite that, some allready produce their vegetables in the city too. Some even clean up the fields ecologically and start to use them with permaculture. 21st century humankind must finally substitute an outdoor agriculture, that destroys biodiversity in favor of profit. Let this be the next radically chance in mankind.

"metrodimension I" double framed world-cluster on red velved/ size: 78x58x21cm/ 2017 above: location of svalbart global seed fault storing seeds. a reaction to potential humankind threats.

Generic: The series of “metrodimensional” plastic´s are depicting prototypical worlds. The previous world narratives are eroded here. They consist of puzzle pieces which motif is the political world map. Contrary to the logig of puzzle-games, and nations, the individual parts are connected here as a spatial structure. This sponge or geoid like worldview does not follow the presument content. Either one or the other. Instead of that, it implements the interconnectedness of all land, and manner. It is also an anthropocentric disaster whose dimensions are kept within limits.